Hard Gear Shifting

Hard gear shifting in a manual transmission may occur because of the various factors.

Изображение проблематики


  1. Synchronizers wear.

    Conical contact surfaces of synchronizers in manual transmissions are wearing out in the high-mileage vehicles with time. And conical surfaces of corresponding gears undergo the same. All these lead to gear shifting problems. Applying Revitalizant® to the transmission component will restore the friction conical surfaces or will stop their further wear when the wear rate is critical.

  2. Gear shifting fork wear/breakdown.

    To replace worn out parts.

  3. Gear shifting mechanism requires adjusting.

    To adjust a gear shifting mechanism.

  4. Clutch linkage requires adjusting.

    To adjust a clutch linkage.


Our experience has shown that applying metal conditioners to manual transmission components allows decreasing noise and vibration during operation as well as decreasing fuel consumption (especially in 4-wheel-drive vehicles).


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