VERYLUBE / Very Lube Engine compartment cleaner

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The product is designed to clean the external parts of the engine and other car assembles. 

Immediately removes oil sports, dust and grime. After using the cleaner, parts look new. It can be used to clean transmission, car suspensions and steering assemblies.

Effectively cleans under-hood surface from oil, vanish, tar and other contaminations.

Restores the original look of parts.

Acts immediately.


Switch off the ignition.

Shake the can.

Spray onto the engine (assembly, part) surface to be cleaned.

Let it trickle down together with dirt and wash with water.

If badly contaminated, repeat the procedure.


Safe for lacquer coating of all types, glass, plastic, rubber and chrome-plated parts.

Does not contain acid, alkali and other corrosion-hazardous substances.

Expert's Advice:

It is better to clean the cold or warm engine. The high temperature of the engine provokes fast evaporating of the cleaner and cleaning efficiency can be decreased.


320 ml aerosol can (Art. XB 40007)

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