1 Stage Transmission Revitalizant for manual transmission

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XADO 1 Stage transmissiongel-revitalizant is an innovative product of XADO third generation revitalizants designed for restoring repair, antiwear protection and lifetime increase of mechanical transmission units and assemblies of a car: mechanical and robotized gear boxes, transfer cases and differentials.

Many years of research in sphere of tribology and XADO revitalizants’ application allowed to create a new product, which has optimal dimensionality and activated revitalizant nanoparticles’ concentration.

Due to new technology of nanoparticle activation XADO 1 Stage transmission revitalizant is a catalyst of high-speed modification and self-regulated growth of the worn surface.

This is a patented compound which will extend the service life of your car and make its operation more convenient and reliable.

  • Restores, protects and strengthens friction surfaces
  • Forms metal-ceramic coating with unique properties on surfaces of tooth gears and bearings
  • Eliminates cavities and scratches on operating surfaces
  • Refines contact patterns in engagements
  • Reduces noise and vibration of units
  • Increases precision of gear shifting
  • Improves operation of synchronizers
  • Provides fuel economy
  • Protects the unit in extreme modes (in case of abnormal oil leakage)
  • Provides optimal conditions for new mechanism’s running in

Technology and certificates

  • 3G поколение


Introduce the compound into the oil filler hole (vent of the oil gauge rod) of the gear mechanism, warmed up to the operating temperature. Then operate the car in normal mode.


27 ml of gel-revitalizant for oil bath of transmission unit with capacity up to 3 L.


27 ml tube in blister package and box Art. # 10026

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