Insufficient refrigerating capacity of air conditioner

There are several main causes of insufficient refrigerating capacity of an air conditioner:

Probable reasons/Recommendations

  1. Lack of cooling agent in the system.

    It’s required to make refilling of the air conditioning system with the cooling agent with oil XADO R-134a & Oil or pure cooling agent XADO R-134a. If the leakage in the system is found, and it leaks through compressors seals these seals needs to be replaced.

  2. Decrease of pressure in the system because of compressor’s parts wear.

    Introduce a restoring compound into the air-conditioning system XADO A/C.

  3. Conditioner’s radiator is contaminated.

    Clean the radiator. You may usу Verylube Engine compartment cleaner.

  4. Compartment filter is contaminated.

    Change the compartment filter.

  5. Additional ventilating blower malfunction.

    Eliminate the cause of malfunction.


To fill/refill compressor you need to use a test-connector.


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