XADO Atomic Oil CHF

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Synthetic fluid of the latest generation for hydraulic systems. Contains atomic revitalizant

The best fluid for hydraulic boosters and combined (central) hydraulic system including servodrive of steering control, clearance control system, servodrive of brake system and other units.

Applied to the steering system and central hydraulic systems of modern cars Audi, VW, Volvo, MB, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Opel etc.

  • Has excellent performance level and is applied for a single filling of hydraulic car system for the whole its life span.
  • Due to the unique viscosity properties the fluid ensures reliable operation of hydraulic system with a wide temperature range of application (-49…266 F), in any climate conditions and operating mode.
  • Provides excellent anticorrosive protection of pumps and drives, pipes and dispensers.
  • Compensates current wear of units and parts of hydraulic pumps and drive.
  • Prevents internal leakage of the fluid.

Technical info

  • Density at 70 F, kg/l - 0,830
  • Viscosity at 212 F, mm2/s - 5,98
  • Viscosity at 104 F, mm2/s - 18,5
  • Viscosity at –40 F, mPa s - <1400
  • Viscosity insex - >300
  • Flash piont, F - >302
  • Pour point, F - <-58
  • Colour - green


  • Specially colored green.
  • Can be mixed with all synthetic fluids of CHF type, e.g. Pentosin CHF.
  • It is not recommended to mix it with other types of fluids. It is not admissible to use the fluid in brake system where the auto manufacturer specifies the application of fluids DOT-3, DOT-4 (it is recommended to apply XADO DOT-4 in this case).
  • Fully compatible with all types of materials and sealants applied in hydraulic systems of modern cars.


XADO CHF meets the requirements:

DIN 51524 part 2 Peugeot B 71 2710
ISO 7308 Fendt X902.011.622
Audi/VW: VW TL 521 46 (G00200) Porsche
Skoda/Seat: VW TL 521 46 Saab
BMW 81 22 9 407 758 Rolls Royce
Deutz 2940929 Volvo STD 1273.36
MAN3623/93 Mercedes Benz sheet 345
Nissan Opel B0400070

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