XADO LX AMC Black Edition 5W-30

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Ultra-modern premium easy-flowing synthetic oil XADO LX AMC Black Edition 5W-30 SM/CF with synergetic AMC formula.

Applied to passenger cars and light trucks. Megadose of REVITALIZANT® 1Stage AR RF [33.3] for the first time allowed the oil not only compensate the ongoing wear, but also repair the engine.

XADO LX AMC BLACK EDITION oil restores engine power and acceleration capability, increases and equalizes compression in engine cylinders

Specifications and technologies

meets the requirements for the following specifications:
ACEA C3-A3/B4  
meets the requirements of the manufacturers:
MB 229.31 BMW Longlife-04
Renault RN 0700 VW 502 00/505 00
  • Effective for modern cars with high-powered engines, including engines with turbocharger, intercooling, direct injection, catalytic converter as well as multivalve ones.
  • Manufactured according to mid SAPS technology and provides the increased service life of catalytic converters and particulate filters.
  • Long life oil, used in engines with the extended oil change intervals.
  • Recommended for application in engines Euro-4 (specification MB 229.31).
  • Recommended for application in new engines for optimal run-in (without metal losses for chipping) and preserves its perfect condition for the whole service life.
  • Due to 2D sliding agent significantly increases fuel economy and reduces friction losses, especially by engine start and at idle.
  • Specially adapted to operation at increased temperatures in LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) engines.
  • Raises compression in cylinders, increases engine power and acceleration capability.


Art. ХА 22273 (can 4 L)

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