XADO Restoring Grease

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XADO Grease “Restoring” is designed for restoring of units and mechanisms operating under heavy loads. 

The grease forms a new cermet layer on friction surfaces: the parts grow in volume and restore their original geometry.

It extends the life span of the parts considerably.

  • Quickly eliminates wear
  • Eliminates surface defects and corrosion spots
  • Extends the service life of assemblies
  • Heals scuffs and microcracks
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Removes heat from the friction zone
  • Withstands high rotation speeds
  • Compensates for up to 50% wear
  • Protects assemblies from aggressive environments


Grease with restoring properties.

Restored assemblies surpass new ones in their characteristics. The grease is traditionally used to restore roller and ball bearings in transport and in industries.

Automotive application: wheel end bearings, pump and generator bearings, ball joints of suspension and steering, universal-joint crosses.

  • Using a grease gun. Introduce the grease into the assembly with the help of a grease gun until it appears from the clearances of the lubricated joint.
  • By manual application. Remove the old grease and fill ½ of the free bearing (assembly) volume with XADO Restoring grease.
  • Using an aerosol can. Clean a part to be lubricated from contaminants, spray the grease onto it.

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