Any Way Penetrating Thick Lubricant

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The product is designed for all assemblies and mechanisms, weapon, appliances and equipment, for the units which require a durable lubricating effect. It restores mobility of assemblies, quickly and easily penetrates into rusted-on and stuck joints, lubricates and separates them. Reliably lubricates, protects from rust and corrosion.

  • Reliably lubricates with a thick layer.
  • Easily penetrates into parts’ junctions.
  • Possesses enhanced anticorrosion properties, ensures durable conservation of mechanisms when stored in the open air.
  • Protects from moisture, dust and mud.
  • Owing to revitalizant the lubricant compensates wear and extends the service life of mechanisms by 2 – 4 times.
  • Shake the can.
  • Spray its contents onto a previously cleaned part (assembly).

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