Antifreeze Blue BS

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Fluid concentrate for engine cooling systems.

Exceeds the requirements of British standard BS 6580 for refrigerating fluids for gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks.
Formulated on the base of high quality monoethylene glycol and effective corrosion inhibitors. Contains revitalizant.

  • Specially designed for safe and effective operation of engine cooling system, guarantees its perfect operation a two-year warranty (62 138 miles);
  • Ensures optimal thermal conditions of engine under any operating regime;
  • Prevents fluid foaming and formation of bubbles, guarantees maximum performance level of the pump and effective heat rejection;
  • Prevents deposit formation and keeps cooling system clean;
  • Has sizeable reserve of anticorrosion protection;
  • Absolutely safe for aluminum and alloys, synthetic materials and rubber; doesn’t attack plastic and lacquer coating of a car;
  • Possible use of tap water for preparing refrigerating fluid;
  • Due to revitalizant it protects pump bearing of cooling system by sudden damage or wear of the seal.

Technical info

XADO Antifreeze BS must be diluted with distilled or tap water before application.

Proportion of XADO Antifreeze BS / water depends on the minimal car operating temperature.

Аmine- and phosphatefree.


BS 6580 (UK) ASTM D 3306 / D 4656 (USA)
SAE J 1034 (USA) AFNOR NFR 15-601 (France)
ONORM V5123 (Austria) JIS K 2234 (Japan)
UNE 26-361 (Spain) AS 2108 (Australia)
CUNA NC 956-16 (Italy)  

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