ATOMEX 2X Esters & Revitalisant

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Motor oil additive designed to improve lubricating and protective properties of oil. Contains esters and revitalizant.

  • Improves lubricating properties of oil due to creation of a super strong lubricating film with extremely easy sliding.
  • Owing to the revitalizant the product creates a wear-resistant ceramic-metal coating on friction surfaces of parts, restores their operating surfaces, and compensates current wear and tear.

Intensive vehicle operation causes increased loads on engine parts and may lead to destruction of the oil film, reducing its lubricating properties, and increase of fuel consumption.

Solution: application of esters which strengthen the oil film and make sliding of engine parts easier due to their specific properties.

If the vehicle is out of operation for a durable period of time, the oil completely drains from cylinder walls into the crankcase. It results in a high wear rate of the engine during its cold start.

Solution: Improvement in adhesive properties of oil on cylinder walls due to the surface activity of esters.

Dynamic operation modes (e.g. the start/stop mode) as well as operation with maximum power and a high speed increase the wear rate of the engine.

Solution: During operation of the engine revitalizant forms a protective ceramic-metal coating, restores the worn out parts and reliably protects them from wear in the future.

Due to esters, 2X Esters & Revitalisant:

  • Ensures extremely easy sliding of friction parts of the engine
  • Reduces fuel consumption due to decrease of friction losses
  • Creates a particularly strong oil film, protects the engine from overloads
  • Due to its outstanding adhesive properties the oil with esters doesn’t drain from cylinder walls what ensures an easy and secure cold start of the engine

Due to the revitalizant, 2X Esters & Revitalisant:

  • Forms a wear-resistant ceramic-metal coating on friction surfaces
  • Restores operating surfaces and compensates their current wear
  • Creates a reserve of antiwear protection properties, prevents formation of eventual defects on friction surfaces during future engine operation


Pour the compound into the oil filler neck of the non-working engine warmed up to the operating temperature. Let the engine idle for approximately 2-3 minutes.


The product is compatible with all types of motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines, safe for turbocharging units.

The product can be applied with each oil change.


1 can (250 ml) for 4-5 L of motor oil


Can 250 ml

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