Verylube / Very Lube Brake Cleaner

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Effective product for cleaning and defatting of metal surfaces.

Applied for cleaning of brake system parts from dirt and grease. Removes contaminations with a help of high pressure. Quickly dries and leaves the surface completely clean. This product can be also applied for cleaning of chains of bicycles and motor equipment. Applied for defatting of metal surfaces before application of glue and sealants.

  • Eliminates squeak of brake blocks
  • Improves braking efficiency
  • Reduces wear and heating of brake assemblies
  • Cleans braking system parts without disassembly


  1. Avoid contact with painted surfaces.
  2. Shake the can.
  3. Spray generous amount of the cleaner onto treated surfaces. Use an extension tube for hard-to-reach places.


Art. XB 40037 Aerosol can 320 ml

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